Key or important Spanish travelling and basic conversational words

The following is just a list of words and phrases that I have learned to be very necessary and helpful if you are going to Cuba for the first time and not staying at an all Inclusive hotel. Please note these may not be perfectly spelled. But if you slowly try to memorize these, you can really go a long way in Cuba.

Food – Comida

Money – Deneros

House – Casa

Street – Calle

Water – Agua

Airport – Aeroporto

How much – Quantos

young girl – Nina

Young Boy – Nino

Tomorrow – Manania

Women – Mujer

Man – Senior

Chico – guy

chica – girl

dog – pero

Cat – gato

country – pays

city - ciudad

Village/town – pueblo

person – persona

now – a ora

Later – mas tarde

night – nolce

day - dias

Broken – Rotto

Joke – Broma

Please – Per favor

Sorry – desculpa

friend – amigo

girlfriend – novia

Boyfriend – novio

wife – espousa

family - familia

Me – yo

you – tu

him – el

Her – ella

we – nosotros

you – vosotros

Monday – lunas

tueasday – martes

Wednesday – mercoles

Thursday - Jueves

Friday - viernes

Saturday – sabados

Sunday – Domingo

bank – banco

bathroom – banjos

Chicken – pollo

pork – porko

beef – carne de vaca

Breakfast -

lunch - almuerzo

supper - cena

Fish – pescado

ocean – mera


lake - lagos

Milk – lecha

bus – wawa

taxi – taxi

Horse buggy – coache

cell phone – movil

music – musica

Finca – farm

hospital – polyclinico

sick – infirma

Go – bamos

pen – pluma

paper – papel

January - enero

February - febrero

March – marzo

April – May

June - junio

July – julio

August - Agostos

September- setiembre

October – octubre

November - noviembre

December - diciembre

busy – occupado

Chair – silla


Key or helpful phrases:

In my humble travels I found these phrases were always very helpful. With these you can pretty much get by. One tip is too often use or preface your sentence/question with “disculpe senior or signorita”. Such a tact alerts the recipient that you are about to butcher some Spanish as well as provide cover should you unintentionally say something insulting.


One moment please - Una momento per favor

I am lost - Can you tell me

Where is the bus to Guanabo - Donde wawa por Guanabo

I am busy - Yo occupado

The seat is taken - La cilla occupado

How are you - como estas

No thank you - no gracias

What time is it - que hora es

Excuse me - disculpe

I am sorry - lo siento

Come here - ven aca

My name is - mi nombre es

What is your name - cuál es tu nombre

How much - Cuanto cuesta

That is very expensive - que es muy caro

I am sick - estoy enfermo

My head hurts - me duele la cabeza

My stomach hurts - me duele el estómago

Where is the bathroom - dónde está el baño

Meet you later - nos vemos más tarde

Maybe tomorrow - possible manana

I am a stranger - soy un extraño

I am a tourist - soy un turista

How old are you - Cuantos años tienes