Cuban economic and Business Insight

If you are someone who is curious about Cuba’s economy and business environment we would be happy to sit down to discuss and share our knowledge and observations.

Guanabo offers and excellent setting in which to observe and speak to budding Cuban entrepreneurs as well as some expats that have been in Cuba for a number of years and have their own experiences.

We here at Experience Guanabo have also undertaken considerable quantitative and qualitative Cuban economic and industrial research and have blended that with real life observations, encounters with professional Cubans and experiences and can shed some light on the recent past and our projections for the future. While I/we would not bank on these projections, at least we are discussing a number of possibilities and opinions. In other words, while you may not leave to assured or completely equipped for a business decision, we think you would definitely benefit from the variety of opinions, research and collective experiences.

In general we will brief and discuss:

  • As context we will provide a high level overview of the historic, political and macro-economic environment

  • Recent economic reforms

  • Recent Cuban foreign investment policy, regulatory and prospecting developments

  • Big vs small business opportunities

  • And depending on your area of interest, key industry information such as IT, biotech, AgriFood, renewable energy, tourism and other.

Although this will be by no means a university accredited discussion we think it may be very helpful as an enjoyable nut very valuable introduction or orientation.