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While we have tried to capture, describe and share a number of reasons, features, insights and tips to experience Cuba in a very unique way, we do offer our services to both further convince you to go and make it as easy and seamless as possible.

While itís difficult to say for sure how quickly Cuba will change, it currently does so every day. And with the advent of a possible American change in trade policy, Cuba may suddenly quickly accelerate its modernization transformation. So all we can say to readers is hurry up and visit as every day that passes brings changes.

While anybody can visit Cuba on their own and we believe we have posted enough information on this site to enable our readers to determine whether this type of travel is for them, and there is enough information to get going, we do recommend or suggest leveraging our years of knowledge and experience (both successes and mistakes!).

As you will note below, we are offering 3 types of support services. What you will get is the benefit of our years of travel in Cuba and Guanabo, fairly exact and honest answers to any and all questions you have. And there is no question that we cannot handle. Our assistance can range and include from: answering specific questions consistent with your lifestyle; flight/booking cost saving alerts; providing dos and doníts; specific and highly trusted Cuban contacts (name and phone number), best priced taxi pick-ups and tours; strong casa particulara recommendations and pre-booking (without pre-payment), all the way to actually meeting with you in Guanabo or Havana (that is if we are booked to go during your planned visit).

The bottom line is our advice and support can save you:

  • significant money

  • from the mistakes, errors and small petty theft we have experienced

  • enable you to get up and running as fast as possible once you hit the ground rather than slowly learning the ropes as we did, this is especially important and with every cent if all your doing is spending one week in Cuba

With all that said the following sections outline our graduated service, assistance and support levels:

  1. Initial guidance and assessment: For $30 a fulsome and frank 45 minute telephone chat to brief and Q&A and follow up with some further personalized focused information and tips ( tricks, simple cautions, opportunities, advice, costs etcÖ) that will be further tailored to fit your lifestyle and travelling tastes.

  1. Planning: For $70 a 1.5 hour meeting in downtown Ottawa or Hull/Gatineau at a coffee shop, bar or restaurant for a much deeper and customized advice leading to an almost complete trip agenda with Cuban contacts. To prepare for the meeting I would send you a very short but interesting questionnaire just so that we may better prepare and customize our advice, presentation and report.

  2. Guanabo Orientation. For $125 an in-person 3 hour meeting, numerous introductions and orientation tour of Guanabo.

Please note that prices above are for either a single individual or several friends or partner (i.e. prices are for a seating). Also should it slowly evolve and you gradually subscribe to all 3 steps (then the price for a meeting in Guanabo would be lowered to $75).

Thank You