Possible Cuban tours and activities from Guanabo

The following list of Cuban tours and activities are offered or can be organized. For each of these the lead guide will be a trusted non-professional Cuban friend (i.e. they have another job) that will lead these tours and activities. In fact they may bring a Cuban friend of theirs to add to the fun.


There are few important things to note, including:

  • Pricing is an estimate with a possible + or – 10% variance.

  • Pricing is in CUC so multiply by 1.2 for an estimate of Canadian dollar equivalent.

  • Some of these are easy to organize, some take some planning and time. So the sooner we know the better.

  • Equally important is that the costs are not per person but rather per car load (other than the party below which is per person). Therefore the actual per person cost van be significantly lower. For example if there are 4 or 5 people recruited, the full day outing to Matanza (baseball, fishing village pit stops, shopping, walk about, clubbing) which is listed at about 80 CUCs for the 12 hour tour, would be 20 CUC per person if 4 people went.


Tours Activities Description hours Cost
Orientation tour of Guanabo A one hour horse and coach tour of key Guanabo sites (casas, hotels, beaches, restaurants, bars, monuments, nightclubs, shopping, hospital, schools etc…) 1 15
Half day guide & Taxi of Cojimar A rented taxi to Cojimar (15 minute drive away from Guanabo) for about 4 hours either in the afternoon or evening to sit back at a pub.restaurant to watch village, fishing boats, harbor and small walking tour of Hemingway’s favourite pub, malecon, fortress and casa particulara if interested. In the evening abbreviated tour with nightclub. 4 40
Half day tour & taxi of Havana A collective taxi to Cojimar for about 4 hours either in the afternoon or evening to sit back at a pub.restaurant to watch Cubans coming and going walking tour of old Havana, capital, malecon, fortress and casa particulara if interested, Options also for museums, art galleries, aquarium etc... In the evening abbreviated tour with nightclub and restaurant. 4 to 8 20 to 40
Full day Matanza, baseball & fishing villages tour An 12 hour tour drive of 110 km to Mantanza with pit stops at 2 o3 fishing villages and walk through Matanza central park, shopping, restaurant and bar and option of a great baseball game (if Crododilo’s are in town). 12 90
Intro guide of Guanabo Clubs A coache ride and orientation tour of one of 3 Guanabo nightclubs

Access/Use of scooter Organize and assist with access to a daily scooter rental. 24 20
Snorkeling in Jibacoa Jibacoa is a fairly unique and interesting place in its own right as it’s a very popular camping ground for Cubans. It is approximately 20 minutes from Guanabo but offers the best and nearest coral reef snorkeling. The reefs are just about 50 to 100 yards off the beach so it makes it very easy to get to. 3 30
Spanish lessons Daily 1.5 hour lessons can be held at your hotel or casa or one if two clubs. 1.5 15
Dancing lessons Daily 1.5 hour lessons can be held at your hotel or casa. 1.5 15
Fishing with the boys Usually between 6 and 8 PM or when the sun begins to set. Right on Guanabo beach and includes fishing gear. A chance to chat with, fish and learn from life long and very friendly Cuban fisherman. 2 15
Visit to a Cuban farm Cuban farms are very, very different than Canadian farms. In this case we would likely go out to Campo Florida which ys about a 10 minute drive into the interior countryside. Life is quite challenging in the campo but you can meet some of the friendliest Cubans there that are quite willing to share their stories, farming processes and discuss and demonstrate how they farm. 2.5 40
Visit and learn about a Cuban school From to time there is an opportunity to visit and experience a Cuban school.

Cuban dance and music party. Quite often we organize a party at a casa in Guanabo and invite Cuban musicians and friends to eat and dance. These range from 20 to 40 people and usually from 7 to 12 pm. 5

7 /


Food shopping tour & education For those that wish to fill their kitchen fridge with a week’s supply of fruits, juice, rum, vegetables , fish, chicken etc. a 2 hour a la Cubana shopping can be arranged . A great way to see the town, meet Cubans, learn how it’s done and save a lot of money. Can be done by foot or scooter. 2 15