Musicians Wanted

A few of us have been slowly assembling a music studio/live music inventory of electronics, quite old PA amplifier (Traynor) and speakers (Crate), small old electric guitar, LCD projector, laptop and M-Audio music card and a couple of Shure mics. The hope is, and we are having small, growing but still limited success is really twofold:

  • Have enough equipment to throw outdoor parties with live Cuban musicians

  • And eventually record Cuban musicians if they are interested or need demo USB sticks or something

All towards getting to know and developing a database of young and talented Cuban musicians and perhaps one day designing a related web-site. There is no commercial objective at all, as this is largely in the interest of music. But if we could help some Cuban musicians with anything like availing old music instruments and electronics or if they were interested in maybe recording a half ass decent but still amateur video/audio USB recording of their music as a gift.

Problem is that i/we enjoy music but unfortunately are not musicians. So should any musician or band wish to help us out by either:

  • bringing very old but still useable instruments (its amazing how Cuban musicians can make the most out of our old equipment)

  • Agreeing to play music along with some Cuban musicians at a small friendly Cuban / Ex pat pork and fish roast party

  • Teach us an hopefully some local Cuban musicians how to do some basic recording with our M-Audio card and software to maybe a USB stick

  • And provide any other advice like other missing equipment to purchase or any other ideas

  • And who knows maybe one day a Canada and Cuba music tour exchange of sorts

So if there are any suggestions or is any interest let us know.