Welcome to the Experience Guanabo Web-site!
This site was developed and is offered to encourage, educate and demonstrate how interesting and affordable an alternative trip to Guanabo Cuba may be. While a significant amount of information, insight and videos can be found within, should we convince you to visit Guanabo we also offer our Guanabo advisory and guidance services. We can do so by e-mail/telephone, in-person meeting in Ottawa as well as the possibility for an orientation meeting at a local pub or restaurant in Guanabo, Cuba. While impossible to truly convey the value, enjoyment and the learning opportunity to be experienced in a place like Guanabo, this site still strives to do so. If the words cannot convey it, and they won’t, perhaps the dozens upon dozens of amateur videos may bring you a bit closer. But really at the end of the day, you just have to go see it for yourself. And if you are tempted, and while it is not completely necessary, we do offer our services to make it easier, much more complete and cheaper. This is particularly true if all you have is a week and you wish to make the very most of it and sample as much as possible. The few dollars we charge are mostly to enable us to go down more than once a year, stay a little bit longer, explore more and carry on with a few of our small projects and hobbies down there such as learning Spanish, building an amateur Cuban recording studio and trying to capture and digitize the history of Guanabo. We are also hopeful that the site and related services may also lead to meeting a few like-minded people that might share and appreciate the same things we do such as experiencing one of the last socialist/communist systems, Cuban people, culture and music, simpler times, great/fresh fish/fruits/vegetables and possibly prepare for future small Cuban business opportunities once it opens up more. So in our best efforts to meet all of the above objectives, we have organized the web-site along the following themes and subjects.